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April 2013

Legendary Concert Promoter Barry Fey has died – April 28th, 2013

Another legend in the Colorado region has passed….

The producer who made Colorado a destination for the biggest names in music died Sunday. Barry Fey was 73.

John Susi, Colorado Winemaker, now at Natchez Hills Vineyard, Hampshire Tn

John Susi, a Colorado Winemaker and owner/winemaker at J.  Susi Winery in the Colorado area, has migrated to Tennessee, where he is now the head winemaker at Natchez Hills Vineyard, Hampshire Tn.

Early in his career, prior to being a noted winemaker, he was road manager and security for storied legends like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Sugarloaf and The Electric Prunes. His travels around the world took him through many a wine country, where he discovered the art of winemaking and developed an appreciation for wine from varied regions.

​“I am blessed to find myself at Natchez Hills,” John shares, “making wine in a beautiful facility that combines all of my loves in one place: music, food, wine and people. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

John Susi, Winemaker
Winemaker John Susi has migrated to Tennessee where he is now the head winemaker at Natchez Hills Vineyard

Hardwater ’68 Capitol LP Reissued in UK – Produced by David Axelrod

HARDWATER – CD Reissued 2011

hardwaterTheir début  LP, produced by David Axelrod for Capitol Records,  – released in 1968 – has been reissued by Cherry Red Records in the UK.  Hardwater, a talented group of song writers and vocalists,  now has their first CD from that original master almost forty years later.

The Grammy winning producer David Axelrod, whose credits included producing Cannonball Adderley, Lou Rawles, Don Randi, etc. was contracted to complete the inaugural album for the group. Two singles were launched from the album.

Cherry Red Records/TuneIn in the United Kingdom has reissued (2011) the Hardwater CD in an impressive package, full of background, stories, and history of the band, is also available through and Ebay. This is the first CD reissue for Hardwater’s highly-rated psychedelic rock album, produced by the legendary David Axelrod (Electric Prunes et al).The LA-based band recorded their sole album for Capitol back in 1968. Hardwater had evolved out of Denver Colorado’s premier surf band the Astronauts (RCA). Combining elements of psychedelia and

Hardwater CD
Hardwater CD – Reissued 2011 in the UK

country rock, they explore the same dusty roads as The Byrds and the Buffalo Springfield. Alongside their original compositions, they seamlessly fitted in interpretations of three tracks written by John Carter and Tim Gilbert of fellow Denver band the Rainy Daze.The complete album from the master tapes for the first time on CD with copious liner notes and a plethora of rare photographs.

Band Members: Rich Fifield (Guitar & Vocals), Pete “Pedro” Wyant (Guitar),
Rob McLerran (Base & Vocals), Tony Murillo (Drums)

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