Sugarloaf Canyou Productions
Sugarloaf Canyon Productions – digital recording studio in the Colorado foothills near Denver.

Bob Webber, a previous and founding member of Sugarloaf (Band), has launched a new Colorado recording studio in the nearby Denver foothills.   His international recognition and experience, as the guitarist with Sugarloaf, on the hit recordings of Green Eyed Lady and Don’t Call Us, has proved to be a valuable launching ground for his new venture: Sugarloaf Canyon Productions in the Colorado foothills near Denver

Bob explains the evolution of his new studio: “Initially, the studio I put together was a project studio, with enough room to produce stringed instruments, groups, singer/songwriters, vocal over-dubs, enabling me to record the tunes that I have written and wanted to record. I was naturally interested in this process because of my passion for the art of mixing – taking raw tracks and turning them into a record.  The need for a studio became apparent after the last album I was evolved with, where six musicians were in my living room for a recording session (6 to 12 hrs each) on sixteen different occasions.  I needed to get them out of the living area into a separate area – that’s how the studio is evolving…”

As a recent inductee into Colorado’s Music Hall of Fame, Bob has parlayed his hit making recording experience, by  producing, engineering, and mastering with his state-

Colorado Music Hall of Fame
Part of the Sugarloaf exhibit at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

of-the-art Pro Tools & UAD-2 system, and has already produced several albums by Colorado artists.

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The Colorado Music Hall of Fame, currently located in the 1stBank Center concert venue, has been created to honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions, to preserve and protect historical artifacts, and to educate the public regarding everything that’s great about our state’s musical history.

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